End of term post

Highlights: My highlights of the term was being in yr 6 and having Mr Rennie as my teacher. And it is way better from the middle school because we don't always change for everything we do. 

Challenges:The challenges of the term for me was running NZ! because i get asthma really easily. And the Projects as well because sometimes i didn't really know what to say most of the time. 
Achievements: Achievements for me this term was my Project because it was really fun most of the time Lizzy helping me with it. And my drawing because i was really bad at it at first be when Mr Rennin properly thought us how to draw properly. Looking forward to: I am really looking forward to the tournament next term because i am playing netball with most of my friends. I am also looking forward to getting back together with friends.

Our Whakatauki

He Moana pukepuke ka e kengia e te waka. A choppy sea can be navigated.
This whakatauki means that anything in life you may find challenging or difficult you should be able to have a go and try to solve the problem. Some of the habits of mind will help you with this . Some of these are,per